Supporting Independent Living for Mothers and Their Children Recovering from Homelessness, Violence and Traumatic Life Experiences.

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Our mission

Nia Imani Family, Inc. is a safe, affordable transitional housing facility that teaches young homeless mothers with histories of poverty, violence, and trauma the life skills needed for planning, decision making and self-examination to prepare them to live independently and create strong, nurturing families for themselves and their children.

What we do

Nia Imani Family, Inc. provides comprehensive services and a holistic approach to supporting homeless young and pregnant mothers & their children whom are housed under one roof, living in their own apartments but learning together.

Independent Living Skills

Support Groups are given in budgeting and planning, nutrition and culinary, health and wellness, parenting, home maintenance, job readiness and more. These are all things needed to learn how to live through poverty while preparing for their future.

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Facing Past Traumas

Participants spend time writing and talking about their life experiences with support staff and with other participants whom have had similar experiences. With rules of conduct based on empathy, higher truths, personal goals and their children’s’ best interest which give them firm ground for resiliency in their lives ahead.

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Parenting Skills

Participants are offered support groups that focus on mother/child bonding, empathy, and parent/child interaction.
This lays the groundwork to support each individual child's greatest potential.

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Life Planning

The women develop smart goals for themselves and their children. They commit to education attainment or job skills development to obtain and maintain employment that can support them and their children in the future. They learn to build commitment to their dreams.

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Founder and Executive Director Belinda Pittman-McGee’s favorite image is the turtle. She gives a wooden turtle to each graduate of Nia Imani Family, Inc. The following description she includes serves as a reminder of their time at Nia Imani Family and what they will need to continue to build their futures.

Wood: Precious & Strong
Patience: Change takes time; Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still
The Hard Shell: Reminds us we carry the tools for survival within ourselves. Also, as the turtle’s house, the shell reminds us that home is where we are present.
The Turtle's Head: A symbol of wisdom, the head is always raised as the turtle moves slowly forward. Soul discovery and life recovery are slow and steady pursuits. Endurance. One small step at-a-time.

Recovery from homelessness, foster care, and violence, is full of discovery. It takes courage, positive people, faith, love, purpose, and a releasing of wounds and the reminder that slow and steady wins the race.

WIsdom of the turtle