What We Do

Our Collaborators

  • The Counseling Center of Milwaukee/Pathfinders
Women receive therapy to help with ongoing mental health needs.

  • City of Milwaukee Health Department
    Staff offer parenting support and health awareness groups on site.

  • UW Extension Nutrition Program
    Dieticians work with residents to plan nutritious, affordable meals in our on-site culinary area.

  • St. Mary’s Circle of Love Program
    Each year, Nia Imani Family is the beneficiary of its numerous toy, clothing, paper and cleaning products, laundry detergent, hygeine products, sheets, towels ect, as well as proceeds from special events.
    Each spring Nia Imani is include in there community drive to collect cleaning and paper products,hair products etc.
  • St. Mary’s Outreach
    Coordinates special projects on site, such as buildings and grounds maintenance, or work with children on projects.
  • Fortunate Futures, WI Works (W2)
    Encompass Solutions LLC
    Meta House House
    Children’s Hospital
    Joy House
    Provide referrals for prospective residents and many others

  • La Causa
    Our mothers take their child/children to La Causa when they are very stressed, having no family support to give them a break from the stress as they learn to create structure and discipline in their children’s lives.
  • The Quakers
    Bring Xmas and Thanksgiving baskets and gifts for the mothers and children and small money donations each year.
  • Roots Salon
    Volunteers from salon comes in several times a year and do hair, nails and makeup for the mothers with a light meal.
  • Art and Hope Staff
    Comes in once a year to do art project with mothers and children
  • Just 5 Days
Local youth’s and out of state youth volunteers organized by Saint Mary’s Parish come each summer to volunteer and do special project’s last year (2017) the youth’s created our children’s library and made blankets for mothers and the children.
Youths from Saint Mary’s school held a drive for the babies they collected blankets, pampers, baby food ect.
  • Ken
    Photographer and friends: 
Xmas photographing of Residents and their children